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Eyeline Permanent (Upper or Lower)
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$200 up
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Our experienced Permanent Makeup Artists have performed
Permanent Makeup such as Eyebrow Permanent,      Eyeline
Permanent and Lipline Permanent for hundreds of customers.
you want in a very natural way.  Topical anesthetic is applied to
reduce the discomfort for the procedures. We also have Laser
Tatoo Removing equipment to remove the old permanent that
you no longer like when necessary before we do the new
permanent for you.

Permanent Eyebrows, Standard Technique ($380)
brow line has the seemingly magical effect of taking years away
according to ones face. A brow's ending is vital according to the
creating permanent eyebrows, a hair-stroke effect is used.
When incorporated with shading which creates the illusion of
depth, the hair stroke technique creates undetectable, totally
natural looking eyebrows.

Permanent Lip Liner ($300)
Lip liner re-shapes the lip line and gives lips definition. The
shape of the bottom lip influences the shape of the chin,
bringing the suggestion of roundness to a square chin or giving
an oval shape to a round chin. Example: when outlining a lower lip
on a square chin, the chin then appears rounder.
Permanent lip liner is especially suggested for women who have
a falling or droopy upper lip. Unfortunately our lips get smaller
as we mature. Permanent liner can change the size and shape of
the lips and make them look more pronounced. Permanent lip
liner also corrects the appearance of a cleft palate.

Permanent Full Lip Color ($550)
This procedure adds color to your entire lips making them
luscious. We have many natural shades to chose from for a
natural or dramatic look.

Permanent Eyeline ($280 Upper or Lower)
Lash enhancement places pigment directly into the lash line. It
creates a subtle, natural, "no make-up" look. This enhancement
is favored by women who do not use eyeliner.

For Permanent Makeup procedure, policy and price details,

Eye Lash Extensions ($110)
Eye Lash Extensions are applied individually by hand to each of
your own lashes for a totally natural look. This treatment
involves attaching anywhere between 40 and 70 individual
lashes depending on the density of your own lashes.
With the proper care, individual eyelash extensions can last up
to 2 months. Eyelashes continually grow out on a replenishing
cycle. The extensions attached to "new" lashes will last longer
than the ones attached to fully-developed lashes, since they will
be shed sooner. This creates the need for touch-ups every 2-4
Proper maintenance of your new Eyelash Extensions are
important for longer lasting, beautiful lashes. Since your eye
lashes shed normally, it is recommended that you schedule
retouch applications every 2-4 weeks depending on individual
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