Be spoilt for choice with our extensive range of
skincare treatments.  Our rejuvenating facials
promise radiant and healthy skin through cleansing,
contouring, moisturizing and sometimes the use of modern
facial equipments. O Spa offers the best facials in
Brooklyn and Garden City Long Island.
Facial Treatments
Mini Facial
35 min
Crystal Bio Eye Treatment
45 min
European Facial
60 min
Dehydrate and Sensitive Skin Treatment
60 min
Aromatherapy Facial
60 min
Back Treatment
60 min
Acne Skin Treatment
75 min
Microdermabrasion Treatment
50 min
Seaweed Deep Pore Cleansing Facial                   
70 min
GM AlgoMask Revitalizing Treatment
75 min
Collagen Anti-wrinkle Firming Treatment
75 min
Oxygen Facial
75 min
Sea C Spa Special Treatment
80 min
GM Collagen 90 II Spacial Treatment
80 min
Photo Facial Treatment
80 min
BIC Renewing Lifting Treatment
80 min
ageLOC Face Lifting & Firming Treatment
50 min
GM Botinol Treatment
80 min
Glycolic Peel (Add on)

Ageloc Face Lifting and Firming Treatment (50 min. $100)
This is a non-invasive facial lifting treatment. Our esthetician uses the Nu Skin Galvanic
Spa instrument which produces low level galvanic (electric) current to facilitate the
deeper penetration of key ingredients into the skin. It involves 3 steps. Step 1 uses the
for the next step. Step 2 uses ageLOC Gel to smooth lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate your
complexion. Step 3, a moisturizing mask is applied. The results are firmer, more resilient
muscles which enhance facial contours, and dramatically improve skin tone and texture.
A return to the healthy, glowing look of youth. You can see dramatic improvement after
the treatment and
look years younger instantly. Galvanic Spa System and ageLOC
Gel are exclusive
patented technology.  Its light weight, compact and user friendly
design are also suitable tor home use. Customer has the option to purchase the
Galvanic Spa System separately at $350. The Galvanic Spa's innovative design and its
effectiveness have attracted many media coverage. Please click
here for news

Oxygen Facial (75 Min. $140)
Oxygen is what revives and replenishes the cells in our body. Due to the pollutants in
our environment today, our oxygen content has been greatly reduced. It is also true that
as we age, oxygen does not reach our skin cells as efficiently, which is what leads to the
aging process resulting wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation and other skin problems. Our
Oxygen Facial will replenish the amount of oxygen that the skin receives, leaving it
hydrated, plumper and younger looking. It includes deep cleansing, exfoliating and is
followed by Oxygen Spray which allows for concentrated and detailed application of
facial oxygen to rejuvenate the skin tissue effecting specific areas of the skin, and also
for firmer skin toning as well as a wrinkle preventative. Next step is Oxygen Injection
which is designed to stimulate and invigorate the skin and restore vital PH balances.
Oxygen facial mask will be used for oxygen inhalation to enhance the results which
include a vibrant, fresh, younger looking skin with a healthy glow from within, tighter skin,
and a refreshing, energizing

Aromatherapy Facial (60 Min. $85)
Using essential oils one can calm, cleanse or detoxify ones inner body. A deep cleansing
and an exfoliating peel will restore your skin's radiance. The Aromatherapy Pressure
Points Massage that follows will stimulate blood circulation and revitalize the tissues. A
facial mask, head, neck and shoulder massage are also included.

Collagen Anti-wrinkle Firming Treatment (75 Min. $115)
Collagen provides outstanding results in terms of epidermal regeneration, hydration,
wrinkle smoothing and prevention, and scar treatment. Using Ultrasonic Adjustor to
guide the collagen gently over the face, transmitting a light galvanic current. The skin
is more receptive, absorbing like a sponge, the targeted ingredients.  Collagen mask,
head, neck and shoulder massage are included.

Microdermabrasion Treatment (50 Min. $90)
Microdermabrasion is an intense treatment that is good for anyone looking to improve
their skin appearance and reverse the aging process. Microdermabrasion utilizes
corrundum powder ( crystals) to finely resurface layers of skin.  When a more aggressive
treatment is necessary, pressure can be increased to evenly penetrate deeper layers of
the skin.  A series of microdermabrasion will improve pigmentation problems, fine lines,
scarring, sun damage, wrinkles and dull lifeless skin. A facial mask is highly
recommended and is extra.

Dehydrate and Sensitive Skin Facial (60 Min. $90)
This beneficial skin care treatment includes face mapping, deep cleansing, mild
steaming, skin exfoliation, manual extractions, and a facial masque. European style face
massage accompanies your facial masque, followed by thorough toning and
moisturizing. A deeply-moisturising mask, head, neck and shoulder massage are also

Photo Facial Treatment (90 Min. $150)
Photo Facial Treatment is a new light technology delivers targeted energy to skin
damaged by sun exposure and aging. The damaged tissue absorbs the energy, which
promotes the production of new collagen in the area. Collagen is the protein found in
healthy young skin that gives it its smoothness and elasticity. Photo Rejuvenation can
dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles, broken capillaries, dark spots, blotchy
skin coloration, freckles, Rosacea, and enlarged pores. During the treatment, a precise
dosage of light energy is gently delivered through a special hand piece to the targeted
area. Even the smallest areas can be treated.

Mini-Facial (35 Min. $50)
Use the refresher mini-facial to cleanse, tone, and hydrate the skin. Includes a skin
analysis, cleansing and gentle exfoliation followed by a comforting massage on the face.
A facial mask is also included. (Extractions are not included in this treatment.)

Acne Skin Treatment (75 Min. $90)
Specially designed to deeply cleanse and decongest pores, normalize oil production,
and calm inflamed skin. This facial  combines the anti-bacterial properties of GM Collin's
Acne Complex with anti-inflammatory tea tree oil, skin brightening enzyme peel,
extraction, and a calming sulfur mask.

Sea C Spa Special Treatment  (80 Min. $135)
An intense Anti-Aging treatment that slows down the natural aging process by protecting
the skin from environmental aggressors while stimulating collagen and elastin
production.  Microcirculation is improved and the skin’s natural defense are fortified. The
treatment uses pure Vitamin C, seaweed patches and organic mud to reduce fine lines
and wrinkles and create a vibrant appearance. A facial mask, head, neck and shoulder
massage are also included.

Crystal Bio Eye Treatment (45 Min. $65)
A firming and toning treatment targeting wrinkles and loose skin around the eyes. Our
Cosmetologist uses the Bio-Lift Facial Fitness System  stimulate the production of new
collagen in the eye area. In addition, a series of treatments including a light exfoliation,
toning eye contour massage and a ground braking Thermo-Plastic MaskTM, composed
of marine collagen and antioxidants to tighten and replenish the eye contour, are
combined. Noticeable effect after just one treatment; guaranteed results after a series of
four treatments ! Head, neck and shoulder massage are also included.

Back Treatment (60 Min. $90)
Dedicated to the beauty and purification of the back, this beneficial Back Treatment
includes deep cleansing, mild steaming, skin exfoliation, manual extractions, followed by
a light massage.  An appropriate mask is selected to complete the facial-like experience
so the back can be bared with confidence.

Seaweed Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (70 Min. $90)
This is a detoxifying and nourishing facial. Deep Pore cleansing followed by a smoothing
massage with seaweed serum rich vitamin C, minerals and proteins. Ends with a cooling
sensation of seaweed mask. Naturally allows the skin to build it's own natural supply of
moisture. Mild and relaxing aroma will renew and soothe your skin and spirit!!
And Head,
neck and shoulder massage are also included.

O Spa will provide a plushy robe, slippers and towels for your comfort.
Gratuities are not included in service prices.
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