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Colon Hydrotherapy
LIBBE Colon Hydrotherapy System
Brooklyn NYC and Garden City Long Island.
What is Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic) ?
Colon Hydrotherapy is a valuable procedure used to assist the body in restoring
vibrant health and preventing disease. It is also called Colonic Irrigation. It
assists in helping many health conditions including constipation, bloating,
sluggish bowel movement, irritable bowel syndrome, low immune system, poor
digestion and skin problems. Colon Hydrotherapy also serves as a great kick
start to any weight loss or cleansing program. O Spa uses the medical grade
LIBBE Colon Hydrotherapy system which is an open system and is considered
as the "Rolls-Royce" of colon hydrotherapy.

How does it work  ?
The LIBBE Colon Hydrotherapy system uses purified and UV sterilized water
which is passed through the colon by inserting a pencil thin tube about 1 to 2
inches into your bottom such that flow of water going in and waste and toxins
going out. The specially designed bed of the LIBBE colonic irrigation open
system allows you to easily insert the lubricated rectal tube by yourself. The
process typically uses about 6 liters of water per treatment and is perfectly safe
and odorless. The session takes place in a relaxing private room with soft
lighting and ambient music. Please click
HERE to see the Colon Hydrotherapy

How is it beneficial to your health ?
During your treatment your colon is cleansed by removing/eliminating toxins
that accumulate in the body as a result of factors such as stress, diet or
caffeine/alcohol consumption. With the average person holding around 1-6
kilos of toxic waste in their body, colon hydrotherapy is a direct means of
removing these waste products in a safe, painless and hygienic manner. This
cleansing method leaves you feeling fresh and revitalised. The colon is as long
as the height of a human body. Multiple treatments are recommended to clean
it thoroughly. Furthermore, it is important to also remember that 80% of your
immune system is located in the intestinal tract, meaning colon hydrotherapy
plays a pivotal role in your overall health and ability to fight disease.

How long it will take for each session ?
Normally a session would last about 45 minutes. The amount of sessions will
depend on each individual.

How much is the treatment ?
Individual treatment is $110.  
Package of 3 treatments $285.
Package of 5 treatments $450

Where can I get treatment ?
O Spa Brooklyn: 4802 8th Ave., Brooklyn NY 11220.  Tel: 1-718-833-8811
O Spa Garden City: 927 Franklin Ave.,Garden City NY 11530 Tel:1-516-877-1888
4802  8th Ave Brooklyn